If you know a little about me, you know that as a developer I don’t like to use pre-made tools to do things when I can do it myself, it gives me such much more flexibility 🙂

That was until I tried this one tool that blew my mind: it’s called leadpages.net.

(This is an affiliate link but it’s not mine, meaning I make absolutely no money with this, I’m just sharing it with you because it will save you a ton of time and therefore money 🙂 )

Build hight converting pages in minutes

leadpages.net allows you to design squeeze pages, sales page, thank you pages, double optin confirmation pages, in like MINUTES.

You can even deliver your optin bribe through leadpages, no need to send it through your website or autoresponder, freaking awesome and a real time saver for non-techy people especially.

The best Social Proof Ever

These pages not only look awesome,they also show you the conversion rates of the templates he has available so you can see the results for yourself, is that social proof or what? this is what Jeff Walker, James Schramko, James Wedmore and many more gurus use.

The link I’m sharing with you is actually Jeff Walker’s and this is for one good reason: the bonuses that he offers are AWESOME!!

What bonuses you get with this link

– a beautiful optin bribe designed just for you (yep just send your text file they design a gorgeous pdf for you!!)
– 2 free landing page critiques by Clay Collins (I can’t wait to get my reviews done!!)
– free access to his landing page course (haven’t looked at it yet but very promising)

Just watch the video and see for yourself if this is for you!

Now, do you you want see how I used it to get my new Cheat-Sheet with 60+ tools I use to build and maintain websites? It’s right here:

I used it for:

  • designing the landing page
  • designing the double optin confirmation page (they have a high converting great looking template for that)
  • the thank you page. I used a template that includes a link back to a sales page or in my case my blog.

And I did it all in like 5 minutes.

So go check it out and leave a comment below to let me know what you think about it!