This is a question that Vladimir one of our members was asking himself for a while. Until he heard us during a private Webinar we had where I made a presentation on WordPress good practices to work in the safe environment.

At the end of the webinar he wrote to us and said: “Your training session was excellent. For instance, it answered a fundamental question I had for the past month: “How do I make changes to my site without the changes being live (in case something goes wrong)?”. Answer: test site. Brillant!”

Thanks so much for your email Vladimir, we are really glad that you liked the webinar and learned something to move forward with your site.

Back to the topic : how do you make changes to your site, test plugins, themes new layouts and colors, new sidebars, without affecting your live site? well, don’t work on your live site directly!!!

Here are the steps:
1) backup your live site
2) create a test site (you can easily create a subdomain for your site from your hosting company cpanel)
3) restore your live website backup on your test site
4) you’re done! you can test WordPress updates,plugins updates, new plugins, new themes, and do whatever you want without affecting your site!! (if you have a membership site you might have to do some tweaking here and there).

that’s how we work with all our clients and they love it!!

We are in the process of adding a new video series in the free membership to teach you how to do all that yourself so you if you haven’t signed up already, join us now.