It all started a couple of months ago when someone told me that they were trying to get to my site and that it was blocked and I was black listed. This person was using a tool from Sophos to protect her computer from malicious websites, by blocking them and basically preventing her to go to these sites.

My first reaction was: we’ve been hacked!

So we ran a whole bunch of tests on our site and could not find anything wrong with sukuri or any other tool out there. I also sent a support ticket to Sophos to ask them the reason we were black listed so that we could fix it, I never heard back from them.

Forward several weeks. Someone on my list writes to me telling me that she can not access my site because it is being blocked and marked as malicious by Sophos. Even though she tries to reassure me telling me that this happened to Brendon Burchard as well, I’m very mad at Sophos for sending these false positive, it really hurts their credibility (and not helping my business!)

A couple of calls to Sophos support was all it took to fix the problem: turns out they don’t even know why our site was blacklisted and they took it out of their black list and all is fine now. At least their phone support is efficient 🙂

While doing our research, we found this tool that can scan your website for viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware.

I strongly suggest you run your website through it to make sure your site is clean.


You can be doing all the right things (backups, keeping it up to date, only using safe plugins, have secure username and passwords,…) there are things you can’t and will never control, that is the nature of the Internet.

Now I’d like to hear from you: what steps and/or tools are you using to keep your website safe? Please share it in the comments section so that it benefits all our readers 🙂