So I have done a terrible job at blogging.. I have been super busy with awesome clients that will be my excuse 🙂

We’ve got many requests from clients that got the famous email from paypal IPN.

Many thought it was spam. Well it’s not, and if you’re still wondering if you’re going to be ok when the changes roll out, we’ve got you covered: Olivier wrote this little plugin that will tell you if you’re ready or not 🙂

Here are the steps:
– download the plugin
– install the plugin through your wordpress interface (plugins/add new)
– activate
– watch the magic happen and the happy message (or not) display at the top of your wordpress dashboard
– deactivate, delete (cause you don’t want to keep unnecessary plugins)
– come back and leave us a message

Here is the link to download : Test IPN Plugin.

Et voila!

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PS: this blog really needs a redesign!