gothacked1Are you using caching plugins on your WordPress site? You need to read this, your website could be at risk!
Sucuri announced a Major breach warning today:

“Update WP Super Cache and W3C Immediately – Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Disclosed

Two of the most popular performance plugins for WordPress have what we would classify a very serious vulnerability – remote code execution (RCE).
If you have WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache on your server (even disabled) we recommend that you update immediately. ”

Your site is slow and you think adding a caching plugin will help it. Think again!
It’s not that easy, if your site is slow and you don’t have 100’s of visitors per hour, then you probably don’t need a caching plugin.

If your site is slow, it probably means that you have problems (css, javascript,..) with your site. There could be different reasons why your site is slow, usually it’s linked to some bad code or lack of image optimization. It can be a plugin, it can be a theme, it can be in many places.

What I mean or what google means by slow it’s when your site loads in more than 4s.

Do you want to find out if google thinks your site is slow? here is a tool that will test the speed of your website :

What you can do to speed up your website

– keep plugins to a minimum : If you don’t use a plugin, disable it and delete it, yes do not forget to delete it, as even disabled it can cause your site to run slower
– keep themes to a minimum: to keep old themes around, delete them.
– make sure you do that on both your live site AND test site. Like right now.
– only use plugins that are regularly updated, if a plugin has not been updated in 2 years, stay away

Check the “last updated date”. WordPress will also give you a warning if the plugin has not been updated in a while and could potentially nto work with the latest version of WordPress. There are so many plugins out there that you can probably find another one that is regularly updated with the same or similar fonctionnalities.

When to use Caching

Caching is not a magic pill / button that you can use on your website and in couple of clicks it will speed it up.
Caching is important when you have a lot of traffic and when your site is optimized otherwise it’s useless.

Do you want more tips on how to improve the speed of your site? Because we’ve got lots more tips to share with you on this topic!

Be careful when there is a security threat, don’t wait a day or a week, act right away. Google finds about 10000 new website hacked every day. Can you afford to lose your website? Can you afford to have your reputation damaged?

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