If you’ve been wondering how to change the favicon on wordpress for your site (that little square image that shows up on your browser’s tabs, that is if you don’t have 20 tabs opened like me!!).
There are actually several ways to do it.

OPTION #1: Your theme can set it up for you

Many themes will allow you to load an image to be used for the favicon (all Elegant Themes for example do that).

OPTION #2: You can use a free plugin to set it up

I like All In One Favicon, it’s support simple to use and does the job. You can even setup a different icon for your visitors and for you when you are working on your dashboard.

OPTION #3: Install it manually

This option is also pretty simple but requires more steps:
a) create a .ico image to be used for the icon, there is a free tool out there called FaviconGenerator.org where you can upload an image and it will create the .ico file for you.
Another tool is favicon.cc.

b) login to your hosting account and go to the root of your website (generally public_html but if you are working on a folder or subdomain it could be in a different place) and just copy the file there.

That’s it!! You’ve just learned how to change a favicon on wordpress 🙂

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