Unfortunately this is true, and if you have a wordpress site we advise you to read this post and share it with anybody you know that is using a WordPress site. We took that attack very seriously. It’s big enough that we have been working on our major sites as soon as we read the news. Better be safe than sorry. Oh Boy! We hate hackers.

There is a massive attack going on right now you can have more infos here.

What you can do now / a quick wordpress support:

Many people use the username admin as their administrator user. This particular username is under attack right now. So use something else, first, first+lastname, anything you want but admin.

Then make your password Strong.Use uppercase and lowercase, numbers and at least one funky character like $ or # ro @. It’s easy to check the strength when you type it, WordPress has a strength indicator.

I know it’s hard to remember strong passwords. Here are some tips that can help you. Everybody love to use a name,a word that you can easily remember, but those are usually easier to hack. So to make it strong, replace 1 or multiple letters by a special character. For example you can replace a by @ or i by 1, and add some upper lower case. So if we want to use ILoveIcecream for a password, what you can do is 1LoveIcecre@m$ , add an extra %, $, £, … somewhere.

We also recommend to keep your site up to date. But please be careful don’t just do an update, test it before. Use your test site to do that. If you don’t know what a test site is, it basically is a copy of your site, where you can test anything you want and not affect your site at all. That’s why we call it a test site.

For the backup we recommend you use Backupbuddy (yes this an affiliate link 🙂 ), for the Godaddy people it’s not always compatible.

In Backupbuddy, in Settings, select all Tables, do a full backup, download the backup file and store it in a safe place. It can be your computer, an external hard drive, Amazon S3. What is great with BackupBuddy is you can automate the process. If your site is not too big, it can be stored in your DropBox. BackupBuddy has also a feature to scan for Malware, and so many other things.

If you still ask yourself why backups are important, think about how much time it took you to build your site, how much content you have. Then think about how much time it will take you to redo it if your site was hacked and deleted by the hackers. During that time your site will be down, if you have a store, no sales. And I am not even talking about the frustrations. All of that can be prevented with a backup. If your site is hacked, you’ll have some down time, but we are talking about 15-30 minutes, instead of days.

Don’t wait another minute, go and check your website to make sure that everything is safe.

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