Starting October 7, 2013, Paypal will stop supporting HTTP 1.0 requests and will require that all data sent use http 1.1 instead. (It was first announced in oct 2011 so it should not come as a surprise to Ecommerce solutions developers).

Are you affected by this change?

If you are using an E-Commerce solution such as wishlist member, S2member, DAP or Premise that links your payments with an ecommerce site, they probably use Paypal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) or PDT (Payment Data Transfer) to ‘talk’ with paypal. you need to check with them to find out if the version you are running uses http 1.0 or http 1.1 protocol. (protocol is just a fancy name for ‘language’).

What you should do now

If you just have a paypal button you created yourself through your paypal account and it does not link to a membership, you’re fine.

If you’re using a shopping cart system to accept paypal payments and there is communication with your shopping cart and paypal, you need to contact the support system of your ECommerce solution and asks them if they are using http 1.0 in their communication with paypal in the version you currently have.

I any case that is an opportunity to check that you are up to date with your Ecommerce tool.

I have already checked with Wishlist Member, and DAP (Digital Access Pass), see below the versions that are compliant.

-> Wishlist Member 2.6.1 and up supports http 1.1
-> DAP 4.4.3 / LL and up supports http 1.1

Now it’s your turn, which ECommerce solution are you using? Once you find out the version that supports http 1.1, please post it here as a comment for all to see.

And please share 🙂


P.S: A special thanks to my friend Marinda, the Mailchimp Queen for suggesting I write this post.