If you’ve never experienced your site being hacked or your site being screwed up and loosing posts and pages, then you are probably in the category of people that will say : I know I should do backups, but I will do it when I have time, when things will not be so crazy, or I’ll do it when I make enough money with it, right now it’s not worth it.

Backup is like insurance. You spend time and/or money on something that you hope you’ll never have to use.

In fact, WordPress advises you to do a backup before upgrading WordPress and you should definitely do a backup before you install a new plugin or upgrade an existing plugin, as this is the main reason why WordPress sites break.

Today I want to tell you about 2 ways to backup your WordPress site, one is Free, the other is a license you have to purchase.

How to backup your site for Free

If you are using hostgator as a hosting company, when you login to your Control panel, also called CPanel, you’ll see an icon in the files section that says Backups. When you click on it you can do a full backup of your home directory, including your WordPress site and pictures. it will create a large compressed file called a .zip file, you can copy that file to your computer and keep it safe somewhere.

The problem with that solution is that if you have a problem with your website, you will not be able to restore your website from the backup. The backup file is just a copy of what was there. You’ll have to contact your hosting company and give them the file so that they can restore it for you.

So in short, for free, you can make a copy but you can restore yourself.

How to backup and restore your site

We’ve been using the BackupBuddy plugin for all our backups. it’s a paid product. It’s $75 for 2 licenses and it’s a steal for all that it can do. You can do automatic backups (like every day, or every week and send it to your dropbox or amazon s3 account or email or copy it somewhere. The freedom that it gives you is phenomenal).

There are other products out there but I just don’t see the need to look elsewhere though I am sure there are other good products. What you are looking for is the ability to do automated backups, and be able to restore from the interface.

So in short, with BackupBuddy, you pay but you are safe.

Whatever you choose, you need to have some sort of backup or you risk loosing everything.

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